Queen of the Rosary Catholic Academy Celebrates!

Math Bowl Victory, New Mural, and Walkathon

QotR mural 001
Queen of the Rosary Catholic Academy’s new mural painted by art teacher, Mr. Sosna, depicts “the community around our Catholic identity, with Mary at the forefront,” stated Principal James Daino. The students helped with creating the image of Mary.

Math Bowl

The school year may be winding down, but Queen of the Rosary Catholic Academy has been  racking up the accomplishments. The end of April brought the news they won the Catholic Telemedia Network Math Bowl 2018. This was their second year participating in this competition of 75 schools (25,000 classes).  In last year’s competition they received 871 certificates (scoring system) and just missed being in the top five. This year the school earned 1600 certificates and won top honors. Principal James Daino had previous experience with this competition as he led his old school (Queen of All Saints) to several victories and he brought this winning inspiration to the students of Queen of the Rosary.

The competition challenges students in all skill levels. It also encourages diverse learning as you can’t do a skill type more than three times. When the competition’s periodic updates are posted things started to get really exciting.

“The kids didn’t want to take recess; they wanted to do math!” said Principal Daino. “It also brought the community closer; the parents were involved.”


It was decided that the time had come for a new hall mural.  Queen of the Rosary’s art teacher, Mr. Emet Sosna, worked with first grade teacher Ms. Deirdre Slakman and formed a mural club of  a dozen 5-8th grade students. The students helped create the vision of the piece and painted, with Mr. Sosna painting in the details.  In addition to depicting Catholic sensibility the mural displays the surrounding neighborhood and the community’s diversity.


Queen of the Rosary Catholic Academy’s walkathon has become a regular event. The students parade around the neighborhood with signs they created for the local businesses who sponsor the walkathon accompanied by a NYPD escort. The walk lasts about an hour (less for the the younger children).

The students all wear a t-shirt designed for the day, in a uniform color. This year’s color was orange.  The students have input in the t-shirt’s design.

Author: Lori Ann Doyon

Managing editor, head writer, and lead photographer of Greenline | North Brooklyn News since October 2014. Resident of Williamsburg, Brooklyn since 1990.

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