BK Story Voyager Book Pick of the Month – July 2018

Red: A Crayon’s Story A9R1124
By Michael Hall
(for readers in preschool to grade 3)

Red is facing an identity crisis. He can’t seem to quite get the hang of being red. He works with his teacher to draw red strawberries, but they end up being blue strawberries. The other crayons don’t understand why Red can’t seem to get the hang of drawing red items; it isn’t that hard. Read “Red: A Crayon’s Story” and discover how Red finds his way with the help of a berry crayon.

To all of the kids out there who are struggling to figure BK_STORY_VOYAGER_FRONT_v2-FINAL-smallout who they are “Red: A Crayon’s Story” is the perfect read. All of the other crayons in the story have something to say about this very confused Red crayon. He wants so badly to be red, but it isn’t working out for him! This story is humorous and wonderfully depicts the world of crayons. Michael Hall has writ-ten and illustrated this delightful tale. He uses text to describe Red’s feelings and then words have been placed above crayons in speech bubble like-form to communicate the words of the crayons.

If your child sometimes feels like they are different, they must read “Red: A Crayon’s Story!” As our friend, Red, learns how to accept who he is, your child will learn that it is okay to take time to discover their identity.

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