In Loving Memory of Laura Napoli

Laura Napoli passed away on June 5, 2018 and is deeply missed by friends, family, and her community

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Laura Napoli met her husband Tony more than fifty years ago at a restaurant on on Havemeyer St. and Metropolitan Ave., which was owned by Tony’s father, Jimmy Nap. Laura and Tony married on August 15, 1970 and built a life for their family on Lorimer Street until the family moved to Forest Hills twenty years ago.

Laura passed away on June 5, 2018. The loss of “an amazing woman with a loving nature, a heart of gold, never self sh and always kind,” as said by her daughters, Veronica, Tanya and Helen, brought out family and friends to share memories and express sympathy.

Her husband Tony Napoli honored her with these words, “I will carry all the loving memories you were so kind to leave me with in our forty-seven years of marriage. Every day of my life I will think of you as a loving mother and stepmother to all of our children and grandchildren. And never will I forget your caring and the love we shared together. With all the hardships and suffering we never parted, always together. We will always be together now and forever. I will join you soon my darling. I can’t wait to be together again. With all the Love that fills the air in the clouds above. There is a cloud above where we will meet again in eternal life. This is a temporary separation. Our next meeting will be in Eternal life forever and ever. The greatest love the world has known. May God accept me to be with you in the Heavens above. With all my love, and so proud to be your husband for all these years. Your Tony !!!”

“My mom was a caterer/hostess her entire life until she got ill. She absolutely loved cooking for the neighborhood; we owned a club. So many people had their family parties there, and she cooked for them all,” said Tanya Napoli, Laura’s daughter. “She is known as the ‘lady with the shopping cart’. She never drove a car, she would walk all over with her cart.”

She expressed her and her family’s appreciation of the support they received, “There are no words that seem adequate enough to say thank you to everyone who expressed their sympathy to our family. Through the memories she gave each of us, she will live on forever in our hearts. It really meant a lot to our family the outpouring of support we received from everyone. We want to thank and acknowledge with great appreciation the kindness shown during Laura’s illness and passing. The kindness and sympathy will always be remembered.”

Laura Napoli is survived by her husband, Tony; her daughters, Veronica, Tanya, and Helen; her son-in-law, Carmine, her daughters’ boyfriends Joey and Jesse; her grandchildren Gianna, 11 and Sophia, 7; and her granddogs DiMaggio and Lolita (she loved them).

Author: The Greenline

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