School Salute 2018

School Salute 2018 Cover WEBWe asked local schools, “What makes you stand out?”

These are their answers:


High Standards, Sports, and Enrichments
P.S. 16 Leonard Dunkly

SS 2018 PS 16

157 Wilson Street, Brooklyn NY  11211 718-782-5352
Principal:  Mary Renny

P.S. 16  serves students in Pre-K through 5th grade. We are a Leader in Me school and are dedicated to teaching students 21st  century leadership and life skills.  We set high expectations for students and empower them to take on leadership roles and to follow habits that improve their character.

P.S. 16 offers students a variety of enrichment activities and programs to further develop their minds and bodies.  We have a basketball team, cheerleaders, chess club, lego club, art club, music club, crochet club, and peer mediation team.

We are proud to offer computer science classes through the NYC Software Engineering Program (SEPjr), which teaches students to code, problem solving, and programing. Our classes are equipped with ipads and robots to allow students to participate in both plugged and unplugged computing lessons.

The Leonard Dunkly school is very involved with the community and participates in many fundraising activites in order to donate to charities and give back.  We often visit local nursing homes and hospitals and donate crocheted items made by our very own crochet club.

Our  PTA is committed to our school community and fundraises to provide students with a variety of activities throughout the year. We offer various workshops for parents, such as, Dial a Teacher, Leader in Me, CPR, Art, Cookshop, and many more.

School Tours: Please contact our Parent Coordinator, Ms. Iraida Cortes, for information and tour dates., (718)782-5352.

This school hosts a free St. Nicks Alliance After-school Center Mon–Fri for grades K–5

Power Brain!
P.S. 18 Edward Bush Magnet School for Leadership

101 Maujer Street, Brooklyn NY  11206 • 718-387-3241
Principal:  Dr. Alison J. Alexander

 SS 2018 PS 18

P.S. 18 has been serving the Williamsburg community for over 150 years!

We offer a unique dual language program that includes Spanish and German, a STEM program, Science, and Physical Education.  Students also receive art and music from community-based organizations.  We are a Power Brain school and use the Ruler curriculum to support social and emotional wellness.  Our mascot, Eddie the Tiger, reinforces good character, excellence, and responsibility.


P.S. 18 provides a nurturing place where students learn, grow, and play.  It has an intimate learning environment where students receive individualized attention that helps them realize their brilliance.  P.S. 18 is a family oriented, community school.


  • Full day Pre-K program
  • Dual Language program in Spanish and German
  • Technology in all classrooms, STEM Carts, Robotics, and a new computer lab
  • Dental and Vision services for students
  • Community School Services for parents

School Tours: For information about registering for school tours contact Blanca Ramirez, the parent coordinator, at 718 387-3241.   You can also get information from our school website,
This school hosts a free St. Nicks Alliance After-school Center Mon–Fri for grades K–5


Polish-English Dual Language program NOW includes 3rd Grade class!
P.S. 34 Oliver H. Perry Elementary

131 Norman Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222 • 718-389-5842
Principal: Carmen Asselta

SS 2018 PS 34

Awards & Recognitions: 2012 Blue Ribbon School, 2015 NYS Reward School, 2017 National Wildlife Green Flag Award.

P.S. 34  continues to grow, inspire, and challenge our students to achieve success in an environment that allows students to explore a multitude of programs, enrichments, and initiatives.

This school year 2018–2019, we are proud to announce that our pre-kindergarten program has grown to include a new full day class.  The Pre-kindergarten program will also be piloting and implementing the Emelia Reggio philosophy approach in their classrooms, which exposes young children to a wide variety of educational opportunities that encourage self-expression, communication, logical thinking, and problem solving.

As a member of Eco-School, students from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade students learn problem solving and critical thinking as they study and explore the environment in our school, community, and planet.  Our STEM Lab provides hands on learning through our hydroponic system and technology with our state of the art mobile STEM carts equipped with iPad and science tools for research.

As the first Polish-English Dual Language program in New York City, we are delighted to announce this school year our program has grown to include a third-grade class.  This language program develops bilingualism in English and Polish as well as an understanding of the Polish Culture. Non-Polish speaking students are also eligible to apply. In addition, we also offer afterschool foreign language classes in Spanish and Polish.

Students at P.S. 34 have the opportunity to explore and discover their passion by taking part in our expanded enrichments. They participate in theater, acting, and ballroom dancing. They discover their artistic talents in our art program with our dedicated, full time visual arts teacher as well as our art partners. P.S. 34 collaborates with the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, Williamsburg Movement & Arts Center, Eckford Street Studios, BRIC Arts and Media, Everybody Act Theater, Disney Musical in the Schools, and Dancing Classrooms.

Parents are always welcome and encouraged to participate in their child’s education at P.S. 34. They can be involved in many different ways such as through our strong PTA and various committees, school volunteers, various workshops, Leadership Day, Family Nights to the circus and show,  baseball games, and Parent Read to Class days.

At P.S. 34 students achieve intellectual and personal excellence at his or her maximum potential in an engaging, inspiring, and challenging learning environment that will prepare them to excel in our school, community and beyond.

School Tours: (2018) October 25, November 28, December 5 & 19 — (2019) January 16 & 30, February 27, March 27, April 17, May 29. Please contact our Parent Coordinator, Ms. Deise Kowalski for information and tour dates., 718 389-5842. Visit:

This school hosts a free St. Nicks Alliance After-school Center Mon–Fri for grades K–5


Japanese Dual Language Program in its 4th year!
P.S. 147, School for Environmental Engineering 

325 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11206 • 718-497-0326
Principal: Sandra Noyola


SS 2018 PS 147AP.S. 147 has solidified its position as one of the premier elementary schools in District 14.  Under the leadership of Principal, Sandra Noyola and Assistant Principal, Eliza Figueroa, this K through 5 Community School has become a lodestone for families seeking a learning environment with a rigorous academic curriculum, a steadfast commitment to arts education, and a deep appreciation and understanding for the many cultures of the world. P.S. 147 fits the bill in every regard. Its project based learning and reciprocal teaching models are ideal for cultivating the higher order thinking skills of its students and its state of the art Hydroponic Lab provides students with the kind of experiential learning environment that will support critical thinking, exploration and synthesis of old and new knowledge.  In-school and after-school arts based residencies build students’ background knowledge about themselves, their community and the multitude of diverse individuals around the globe. P.S. 147 has maintained years-long relationships with a number of community-based arts partners and continues to attract teaching artists and creatives interested in working with their students. Last, but not least, P.S. 147’s Japanese Dual Language program, now in its fourth year, continues to draw families from across the five boroughs, eager to have their young scholars immersed in Japanese language and culture.  It remains the first and only Japanese DLP in New York City. The superb execution of Ms. Noyola’s vision for P.S. 147 continues to yield well-rounded students who see the value in questioning, collaboration, and service to the community at large.

Open House Dates: (2018) November 16 from 9 a.m.–10:30 a.m., December 14 from 9 a.m.–10:30 a.m. — (2019) January 25 from 9 a.m.–10:30 a.m, February 15 from 9 a.m.–10:30 a.m, March 22 from 9 a.m.–10:30 a.m.

This school hosts a free St. Nicks Alliance After-school Center Mon–Fri for grades K–5


New STEAM Labs and a Pollinator Garden for these “Butterfly Heroes”!
P.S. 250, George H. Lindsay

108 Montrose Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11206 • 718-384-0889
Principal: RoseAnn LaCioppa

PS250NoA 005
Beijing Opera dance showing control and precision, with teaching artist Qing-feng Li

P.S. 250 is a wonderful diverse learning community located in the heart of Williamsburg!  We are proud to announce the opening of our two amazing and innovative STEAM LABS!  All students have access to an enriched, state of the art STEAM curriculum. Our students showcase their engineering and arts talents through our annual Spring Night of the Arts and STEAM EXPO.  We are also the proud recipients of a $100,000 Pollinator Garden, thanks to Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams’s generosity!  Our students will now be able to explore scientific concepts in an amazing, innovative outdoor classroom!  We are officially a National Wildlife Federation “Brooklyn Butterfly Heroes” school!

Our extensive standards-based curriculum embeds the communications and multi media arts throughout our students’ programs.  We are proud to host the only Chinese/English Dual Language program in District 14, now in its third year! Our dual language classes are currently housed in our K-2 grades and will eventually expand to the 5th grade.

The PS 250 school community embraces the diversity of our families, staff and children and recognizes the important role that families play in the success of their children.   Families are afforded many opportunities to engage in learning and participate in fun-filled school wide events throughout the year!

School Tours: Please contact our parent coordinator, Viviana Nieves, if you would like to schedule a school tour.  She can be reached at (718) 384-0889 or by email,

This school hosts a free St. Nicks Alliance After-school Center Mon–Fri for grades K–5


New Outdoor Classrooms
P.S. 414 Brooklyn Arbor 

325 South 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 • 718-963-0393 •​Principal: Eva Irizarry

SS 2018 PS 414 BK ArborBrooklyn Arbor School/PS 414 is a magnet school of global and ethical studies with a focus on environmental sustainability, founded in 2012.

We are a comprehensive learning community dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment where students can thrive academically, emotionally, and socially. All students will receive an education that places a premium on relationships, engagement with the wider community, and scholarship.

At Brooklyn Arbor, we firmly believe that this period of exploration, discovery, and practice should be met with an interdisciplinary, project-based, arts, and technology infused curriculum which will encourage developing minds to forge connections, take intellectual risks, and foster strong habits and values.

What’s Special:

Brand new outdoor classrooms and playground; STEM Fridays; Family Fridays; Responsive Classroom School; Partnership with St. Nicks Alliance

School Tour Dates: (2018) November 2, December 7 — (2019) January 4, February 1


This school hosts a free St. Nicks Alliance After-school Center Mon–Fri for grades K–5


Where Academic Excellence and Community Meet
Queen of the Rosary Catholic Academy 

11 Catherine Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 • 718-388-7992
Principal: James Daino
Find us on Facebook & Yelp SS 2018 QoTR WEB

At Queen of the Rosary Catholic Academy, we enthusiastically offer a rich, academic environment that allows our children to flourish both as students and as persons. Our dedicated school community values academic excellence, personal growth, and faith-filled service.

Our school offers Nursery, Pre-K, and Kindergarten-8th grade education. Our challenging curriculum taught by our DASA certified staff includes technology and STEM instruction, Art, Music, and Spanish Immersion. Our students consistently score well on New York ELA and Math state tests.

Queen of the Rosary also offers early drop-off, after school care, and after school programs including Mathletics, Reading Plus nad Chess Wizards. Our students participate in Choir, Band, Karate, and Coding.

We encourage our parents to be involved in the school as much as possible, and we work to cultivate a vibrant school community that includes everyone and fosters a love for learning!

School Tours:  offered every week on Touring Tuesdays starting at 9am, or by request by calling the office at (718) 388-7992. Open Houses: (Nursery & Pre-K) Saturday Nov. 29th from 11 a.m.–1 p.m.,

(All Grades) Nov. 6th 9 a.m.–12 p.m.


Strong STEAM Focus and Chess!
M.S. 126 John Ericsson Middle School

424 Leonard Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222 • 718-782-2527
Principal: Maria Ortega

Core Values: Innovation, Problem Solving, Building Leadership, Teamwork

SS 2018 MS 126John Ericsson Middle School 126 is a diverse learning environment comprised of passionate students and staff in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. As the Magnet School for Environmental Engineering, our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) program infuses our challenging curriculum with hands-on learning activities and experiential learning opportunities that foster a genuine sense of environmental awareness and responsibility in our students for the school and our the community.

On the cutting-edge of education, we participate in innovative initiatives that offer students a rich academic experience such as: MSQI (Middle School Quality Initiative), Algebra for All, College Access for All, Eco Schools, Project-Based Investigative Science, and Chess.  Students also have the opportunity to take the Algebra I Regents and the Living Environment Regents at the end of 8th grade.  Technology is infused in every classroom through the use of online programs such as MyOn, NewsELA, and Mathletics.

We are a NYC Community School that supports the development of our students through the Leader in Me program, on-site psychologist and mental health service providers.
This school hosts a free St. Nicks Alliance After-school Center Mon–Fri for grades K–5


Plethora of Extracurricular Activities!
M.S. 577/Conselyea Prep

208 North 5th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 • 718-486-6211
Principal: Maria MasulloSS 2018 MS 577

School’s back in session at Middle School 577, Williamsburg’s centrally-located middle school, tucked just a block off the neighborhood’s bustling Bedford Avenue.  This year we are very excited to welcome so many eager students with the desire to learn.  At Middle School 577 the students become confident young adolescents.  There is a strong aroma of learning in and out of the classroom.  Our academic program is rigorous and allows the students to embrace learning and achieve academic success.  Our teachers develop strong partnerships with our families as we continue to share the same goals for our school.

The family oriented atmosphere continues to prove success for our teachers and students. As a school community we foster an environment where each child is valued and cared for. Our parents are strong supporters of our school and continuously show their support to enhance learning and build leaders for the future.

Students from all five boroughs bring the determination needed to enhance their education and build upon their character. We are proud to have so many of our 577 students venture back to our middle school hallways and share their success stories.

Throughout the school year, students are offered a plethora of extracurricular activities – ranging from guitar, student government and robotics to yoga, hip-hop and ballroom dancing.  Our “club” periods allow our students to grow socially and emotionally.  It gives them the opportunity to meet other students with the same interest and learn from each other.

Middle School 577 is located just off the Bedford station on the L line at 208 North 5th Street, and serviced by bus lines B24/48/62, as well as Q54/59.  For more information, please call (718)486-6211) for the Fall Open House schedule.

School Tours: For more information, please call (718)486-6211) for the Fall Open House schedule.

This school hosts a free St. Nicks Alliance After-school Center Mon–Fri for grades K–5


New Hydroponics Lab!
M.S. 582 The Upper Academy
The Magnet School for Multimedia Technology and Urban Planning 

207 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11206 • 718-456-8218
Principal: Brian Walsh, IAP: Jeffrey Merced


SS 2018 MS 582Here at M.S. 582, we pride ourselves in the opportunities and experiences we create for our students. With STEAM and Project Based Learning at the forefront, we are certain to provide students with a challenging curriculum that is relevant, relatable, and purposeful.  This year we have opened our brand new Hydroponics Lab where students gain first-hand experience in urban gardening, our IMac Lab has been upgraded with thirty-two brand new Apple computers and laser printers. Coming soon will be our Fabrication Lab, where students will use 3D printing, laser cutting, carpentry, and circuitry to demonstrate their learning. Through these programs and opportunities, we expose students to careers in engineering, computer coding, architecture and design, urban gardening, and the media arts.


In addition, we have become a Leader in Me school.  Through the Leader in Me, students learn to live The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. We teach students the importance of being proactive, beginning with the end in mind, putting first things first, thinking win-win among other positive traits of character.


We thank you for considering our school and look forward to the potential of working with you over the next few years.


School Tours: Call for information on our open house events or to schedule a tour of our school every Wednesday between 9AM-12PM (718) 456-8218.   Visit our website

This school hosts a free St. Nicks Alliance After-school Center Mon–Fri for grades K–5


Civic Engagement
Unity Preparatory Charter School of Brooklyn

Middle School: 432 Monroe Street Brooklyn, NY 11221
High School: 1150 East New York Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11212


Chief of Staff: Mr. Hemanth VenkataramanSS 2018 Unity

Unity Prep Charter School serves students in grades 6–12. Our middle school is located in Bedford Stuyvesant and our high school is located in the heart of Williamsburg. As educators, we firmly believe that it is essential to empower students as scholars and citizens so they may lead fulfilling academic, personal, and professional lives. We accomplish this goal by providing rigorous academics and a variety of enrichment and extra-curricular activities such as debate, National Junior Honor Society, cross-country, drama, and music. We also incorporate civic engagement activities through bi-monthly community service projects. At Unity, students receive the support, exposure, and preparation needed to maintain success throughout their formative years and beyond.

School Enrollment and Tours: We have an open door policy and welcome parents to visit us during normal school hours. Our middle school address is 432 Monroe St. Our high school is located at 584 Driggs Ave. To learn more about Unity, visit our website at


This school hosts a free St. Nicks Alliance After-school Center Mon–Fri for grades K–5


Now a College Preparatory School!
Progress High School 

850 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 • 718-387-0228
Principal: Dr. William C. Jusino

SS 2018 Progress BWelcome to our community of learners. PROGRESS High School is an exceptionally fine school with many factors that set PROGRESS High School apart from other schools. First and foremost, PROGRESS High School is a college preparatory school offering free college courses that educate the mind, body and soul of each student.

Students enrolled in our College Pipeline programs at Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus are able to get a head start on college by enrolling in courses and earning college credit for free.  PROGRESS views college success and opportunity as a “pathway” to excellence and equity in life.

Quality Reviews consistently rated ‘Well Developed”;  graduation rate increase by almost 20 percentage points! Attendance rates have climbed steadily; scholarship and passing rates have also risen. Our School Learning Surveys continue to highlight the effectiveness of programs.

PROGRESS High School has a true sense of community—the village that knows what it takes to raise a child and to support one another. PROGRESS High School thrives on collaboration, excellence, achievement and acknowledgment no matter what the situation—to ensure that our children experience a safe learning environment and a robust learning experience. The school is proud to announce that their annual student, parent, and teacher surveys are amongst the highest in NYC!

Instrumental Music: Three full concert bands, two jazz bands, two choral ensembles, two dance ensembles; Chamber groups such as guitar ensemble, brass choir, and clarinet choir

“Advanced Placement courses inside and outside of Progress helped me accumulate enough credits to finish a semester of college. Now I’ll graduate early and pursue my career sooner.” Said Raymer Cardona, student.

School Enrollment and Tours: Any student or parent who wants to visit the campus can visit at any time. PROGRESS High School has an open door policy which allows for tours of PROGRESS High School, when any student or parent visits the school. If you prefer to set up a tour, please make an appointment with PROGRESS High School’s main office at (718) 387-0228.


This school hosts a free St. Nicks Alliance After-school Center Mon–Fri for grades K–5


Skills to Compete in Global Society
East Williamsburg Scholars Academy 

850 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211 • 718-387-2800
Principal: Rosemary Vega

Core Values: Value, Integrity, and Purpose SS 2018 EWSA

“It takes a village to raise a child,” specifically one grounded in recognizing and uplifting the uniqueness that defines each pupil.  The East Williamsburg Scholars Academy School Community remains committed to the development of leadership within our youths as they carry the torch of enlightenment for today and tomorrow.  Our learning community is grounded in educating the whole child, tailoring academic and cognitive instruction to the individual needs of each student, so as to support optimal growth. The social emotional stability of our students is also critical to our holistic approach to educating each child.  In so doing, partners of the EWSA community, specifically St. Nicks Alliance infuse the arts, coupled with an emphasis on social emotional learning, thus encouraging the talents of our children to flourish within EWSA and beyond.  Our EWSA family continues to be strengthened by the active participation of our PTA in conjunction with an abundance of community partnerships, all of whom have recognized the immeasurable talent reflected in our student body. Our interconnectedness with the Learning Partners Program, AP for All, College Access for All, Algebra For All, PGC, Eastern District Attorney’s Office, Justice Resource Center, LIU Early Scholars Program, Medgar Evers College, Career GPS, John Jay College, and Citi Foundation has continued to support our EWSA  community as our students take full advantage of the opportunities such unions provide. Coupled with instruction grounded in rigor, the future of students attending our East Williamsburg Scholars Academy village continues to be illuminated with the successes of our youths.

This school hosts a free St. Nicks Alliance After-school Center Mon–Fri for grades K–5

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