A Year to Cheer for Capri Jet Realty!

Staff of Capri Jet Realty sit for a company portrait (back row l to r) Alina Rockman, Agata Landa, Jenny Burginia, Agnieszka Siedlik, Carol Benedetto, Bridget Smyth; (middle row l to r) Alima Asanbaeva, Michael D’agostino, Max Ocrant, Thomas Horodecki;(front row l to r) Jane Costagliola, Robert Napolitano, Theo Eastwind, Sofiya Clarke

During holiday time, Capri Jet Realty gathered all their valued clients, friends, and family at Vetro Restaurant to say thank you. More than 150 people came to celebrate the success of Robert Napolitano and his company. Robert Napolitano welcomed everyone with a speech that combined enthusiastic greetings, the year’s inspirations, and goals for 2019! Afterwards, Alina Rockman (manager of Capri Jet Realty) and all the agents offered their personal greetings and reflections.

The guests were then entertained by a live piano performance of beautiful Christmas music from Antanina Panfilava. Comedian, Eric Haft made the crowd jolly, as did a performance from Santa Claus himself! Santa Claus even danced with all the guests. The night was filled with fun, good music, and delicious food; each guest couldn’t help but enjoy the party!

Pianist, Antanina Panfilava

Capri Jet Realty’s founder Robert Napolitano has led this full-service boutique real estate agency to its becoming a household name in Williamsburg Brooklyn. He handpicks the agency’s twenty-plus agents. His staff consistently proves to be highly dedicated to their jobs. In 2018, many established agents joined the team, and their extensive experience has and will continue to benefit Capri Jet Realty greatly.

The company has enjoyed a longstanding stellar reputation for in-depth market knowledge and superior customer service. This firm has also cultivated outstanding relationships with clients, landlords, homeowners, developers, and lawyers. This homegrown local real estate agency is sought after for its expertise and track record for selling homes at the highest price in the least amount of time.

Robert Napolitano’s exceptional knowledge and hands-on approach are based in the three generations of his Williamsburg family’s roots and his deep ties to the local community. Napolitano gets deals done and provides information, tools, resources, and support to his team so they do the best job possible. He invests in his agents’ education. For instance, he hired Joe Meyer, a well-known international speaker and a trainer. Meyer makes sure all the agents get the best training possible.

The company got even stronger with the in-house CPA & 1031 expert Mario Saggese. He joined Capri Jet’s family two years ago, and his addition translated to an abundance of tax consultations and more real estate transaction closings.

All of the above add up to an unparalleled experience for their clients and brought Capri Jet Realty another successful year. The company is proud to announce 75% of their inventory sold, and they still have lots of clients looking to buy. The company welcomes and will be thankful for referrals.

Capri Jet Realty not only assists their clients with all their real estate needs they also take an active role in the Brooklyn community. In the past few years they’ve hosted events for attorneys, seniors, investors, and developers. They also run a charitable event for kids every December.

Capri Jet Realty knows their business continues to flourish due to faithful clients. This annual celebration is their giant “Thank You!”  The company thanks all who attended. And for those who could not make it – they hope to see them all in fabulous 2019!!!

Capri Jet Realty, Corp. is located at: 533 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211;  P: (347) 450 3577; C:(917) 225 7584

To view more pictures go to Robert Napolitano’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/robert.napolitano.90/media_set?set=a.10217727265717203&type=3


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