BK Story Voyager Book Picks: The Good Egg


The Good Egg
By Jory John
(For readers in Preschool–Third Grade)

The Good Egg is a story about self care and learning that the external problems that cause stress usually have an internal solution. The good egg is the narrator of the story and cites examples of his good behavior. However, the humorous and textured illustrations, by Pete Oswald, show a holistic picture and question whether this good egg is a reliable narrator.

After a day full of self-proclaimed selfless tasks, the good egg returns home to the recycled carton he shares with 11 destructive and naughty eggs. The good egg tries and fails to correct his carton-mates’ misbehavior and abuse of basic rules (they’d break stuff on purpose and place “kick me” signs on him). This inability to influence the others causes him so much stress that he literally begins to crack. The good egg then decides to take a break from the carton and goes out on a solo adventure. Read The Good Egg to find out what happens!


John’s writing wittily addresses the stereotype of what it means to be a “good egg”. During some alone time, the good egg focuses on his personal well-being and learns techniques to self-regulate. He also discovers that he does not have to be perfect nor should he expect others to be. This message allows preschool readers to understand that it is okay to take time for themselves, and that finding ways to live with the flaws in others and oneself is how to build relationships.

Jory John and Pete Oswald also wrote the book, The Bad Seed if you want to give your child another side to the story!



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