BK Story Voyager Book Picks: Hair Love

Hair Love 001Hair Love
By Matthew A. Cherry
(For readers in Preschool – Third Grade )

Matthew A. Cherry’s Hair Love is the story of Zuri, her father, and Zuri’s hair. Zuri wakes up and wants to do something special with her hair because today is a big day for her. Though she tries not to disturb her father’s sleep while searching for the perfect hair-do, he wakes up and comes to her aid. The book appreciates all kinds of hairstyles: natural, twists-outs, braids, afro, locs, top knots, ponytails, etc. After a couple of hiccups, they finally find the best style for Zuri. Why does Zuri need to have the perfect do? Read the book to find out.

BKSV logoHair Love is a book that showcases a close-knit family solving an everyday problem. Cherry, a former NFL wide receiver, speaks to all fathers who are tasked with helping their daughters with their hair when there is no female presence around. Hair is an important part of any child’s identity, it permits expression and creativity. Zuri clearly feels the weight of having the perfect hairstyle! Vashti Harrison’s illustrations are life-like and capture all of Zuri’s emotions and ups and downs as on her quest for her personal style.


For all of the hair lovers out there, Hair Love is just for you! This book is a fun yet realistic read that your child will enjoy.

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