Annual Lunar New Year Lunch

YoR 2020 003_web
After a toast for good luck and health in the New Year was made, Yuan Wen Kun (another of the organizers of the celebration) showed everyone how to make the Chinese sign for “Thank You”.
YoR 2020 002_web
Yang Zhao Fu is one of the organizers of the Jennings Hall Lunar New Year celebration

The Lunar New Year of the Rat began on January 25. Each year the seniors of Jennings Hall look forward to this cultural celebration. They have a Chinese meal and celebrate other traditions like receiving red envelopes and eating a mandarin orange (mandarin oranges are seen as lucky because the Chinese word for mandarin (kam) sounds similar to the Chinese word for gold). Usually there is a performance of costumed cultural dance and song, however this year one of the performers had travelled to China recently and as they couldn’t be 100% they weren’t exposed to the recent coronavirus they decided to cancel the performance. The Jennings Hall seniors still made the most of the celebration. Especially as fellow resident, Sandy Tong, also happened to be a Chinese Opera singer. So she delighted her neighbors with a beautiful song.


YoR 2020 004_web
Rolando Guzman (St. Nicks Alliance Dep. Dir. Of Comm. Preservation) hands out the red envelopes. Wrapping money in red envelopes is expected to bestow more happiness and blessings on the receivers.
YoR 2020 006_web
The seniors eat lunch.
Sandy Tong, one of the Jennings Hall residents who happens to be a Chinese Opera Singer delighted the diners with a beautiful song.


Author: Lori Ann Doyon

Managing editor, head writer, and lead photographer of Greenline | North Brooklyn News since October 2014. Resident of Williamsburg, Brooklyn since 1990.

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