Lydia Ariza Rose as an Educator, Retires after 30 Years.

Lydia Ariza (center) receives NYC Council proclamation from NYC Council Member Jennifer Gutiérrez (far right) at her retirement celebration.  Leadership of Nuestros Niños also pictured (l to r) Zoraida Olivo, Miguelina Duran, Iris Cabrera,  Denise Basilio, Ramon Peguero, Esq, and Maria Lopez  Photo credit: Rodrigo Gonzalez

An exceptional teacher, Lydia Ariza was given a proclamation by NYC Council Member Jennifer Gutiérrez to acknowledge her work as a teacher at her retirement celebration. Ariza had been a teacher in Mexico for six years before moving to the United States.  Once here, she found garment factory work and took night classes to learn English.  Her goal was to become a teacher in America also.  A few years later, in 1993 she started working at Nuestros Niños as a volunteer for the pre-K students.  That year she passed her GED, and became a student at LaGuardia Community College.  

In addition to work and school, she had responsibilities at home as a wife and mother.  After her son’s birth in 1995 she transferred to Boricua College.  The following year she became a group leader in Nuestros Niños after school, which led to her becoming an UPK assistant teacher in 1997.  All this while she pursued her Bachelor of Education degree, which she received in 1999.  Ariza would go on to receive a master degree and NYC teacher certification from Touro University while working full time at Nuestros Niños and being a mom to her son Francisco.

Ariza has also served as a community leader supporting a multitude of important causes, like fighting for a lease for Nuestros Niños or working as a volunteer for elections.  She has assisted parents when they needed emotional support outside the classroom, and tutored former students when they needed help with their homework. 

She always gives credit to her husband, Ramiro Reyes, for his support, saying that she accomplished her dreams mostly because she had his help. He would take care of the house and their son and do the cooking in addition to his own work — during the times when her work, school, and helping others would take up most of her time.  Ariza is also thankful to the staff of Nuestros Niños for giving her encouragement and support toward achieving her goals.

Author: The Greenline

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