Williamsburg’s 26th Annual Los Reyes Magos Parade

Dancers in colorful costumes are a highlight of the parade. Photo credit: Alex Aldama

On a sunny January Sunday, Williamsburg has become a party! Our community welcomes with joy the twenty-sixth edition of the Parade of the Three Wise Men (Los Reyes Magos). Each year on the Sunday following New Year’s Day,  Graham Avenue is filled with celebratory spirit to acknowledge the Epiphany.

This year’s Los Reyes Magos and Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus are photobombed by a Diablo Cojuelos (a carnival character of the Dominican Republic). Photo credit: Alex Aldama

The Epiphany is a celebration with deep roots in Latin America and those with this heritage observe this day in many cities in the United States.

Floats full of color and music led by “comparsas” and groups of dancers join the march with the participating educational institutions and civic organizations.

Children wide-eyed with wonder and big smiles on their lips move with delight together with their parents, families and friends.

It is obligatory to highlight the elegant dignity with which Radamés Millán, president and founder of this parade, greets the attendees.

The parade starts from Meeker Avenue and Graham Avenue (also known as Avenida de Puerto Rico) and after a long journey it comes to an end, an explosion of dance and joy, on Debevoise Street.

A ribbon cutting begins the parade, (l to r) Radamés Millán, president and founder of this parade; Tommy Torres, special assistant to NYC Mayor Adams, with other parade officials.  

Our Williamsburg is a neighborhood with doors open to people from all over the world and, especially, to Latinos for whom it is extremely important to preserve these beautiful traditions in defense of their culture and identity.

Melchor with his gold offering comes from Europe and he does it with Gaspar who comes from Asia and brings with him the incense of fragrant smoke and Baltasar accompanies them who brings myrrh, the symbol of man.

Regardless of our personal beliefs, who cannot believe in the Three Kings and their message? This trio represent us all and it is beautiful to have them back in our neighborhood.

 Comparza Santa Ines La Familia are regulars at the Los Reyes Magos parade originally from Morales, Mexico.  This family has performed locally for fifteen years and are members of Divine Mercy Parish. Photo credit: Alex Aldama

Let’s all, forever, celebrate this display of happiness, music and dances that have encouraged both children and adults to enjoy this tradition, where respect for differences has been the predominant note.

The President’s float holds a stage for live music. Photo credit: Alex Aldama

Author: Alex Aldama

Nací en Barcelona. Vivo en Los Sures/Williamsburg desde hace mas de veinte años. Amo mi barrio, amo mi gente y nuestra cultura tanto como amo la diversidad de esta única y maravillosa ciudad, Nueva York. En la vida hay momentos maravillosos como los hay muy difíciles y, siempre, siempre hay que recibirlos con fuerza y esperanza en el futuro. ¡No estás solo! I was born in Barcelona. I have lived in Los Sures/Williamsburg for over twenty years. I love my neighborhood, I love my people and our culture as much as I love the diversity of this unique and wonderful city, New York. In life there are wonderful moments as there are very difficult ones and, always, always you must receive them with strength and hope for the future. You're not alone!

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