“The Earth is our Home! The Earth is Us!

The wise royalty at El Puente’s 36th Celebration of the Three Kings. (l to r) Rosa Scott, director of El  Puente Beacon; Eugenio Maldonado, co-founder of El Puente; Marco Carrion, exec. director of El Puente, photo credit: Alex Aldama

El Puente’s 36th Celebration of the Three Kings

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El Puente opened the doors of its headquarters in “Los Sures,” Williamsburg, to invite everyone to celebrate the 36th Annual Celebration of the Three Kings.

We begin our journey, joining the pilgrimage of the Three Wise Men through the lands of our planet; from the Desert to the Mountains, crossing Valleys and Rivers, diving into our Oceans, always in motion, like the water in our bodies.

Bomba Yo sets the pace at the start of the show. photo credit: Alex Aldama
Frances Lucerna, producer, artistic director, president, and co-founder of El Puente with some of the wonderful set design.

Co-written and co-directed by Jorge Luis Berrios and Jana “JL” Lynne Umipig, we attended this memorable theatrical experience, “REMEMBERING THAT WE ARE FROM THE EARTH.”

The evening begins with the ancestral rhythms of “Bomba” by “BombaYo” a local band that with their songs, maracas and drums unite us all and bring the warmth of Afro-Puerto Rican culture and soon gave way to a warm, beautiful welcome by Frances Lucerna, producer, artistic director, president, and co-founder of El Puente.

And then the play begins! The scenery, down to the smallest detail, is simply wonderful. Conceptualized and handmade by the youth of the community is full of cacti, a whale surrounded by fish, and an octopus, a smiling lion, a playful monkey, and a fox, open skies, and birds, and in the background “The Door of Dreams” of El Puente next to tall buildings rising on the hard asphalt.

The show had many powerful visual moments photo credit: Alex Aldama

These young people—our future—are the ones who repeatedly remind us, “REMEMBER—WE ARE THE EARTH; WE ARE OUR HOME! WE ARE THE EARTH, WITHOUT THE EARTH THERE IS NO LIFE!’

This cry for Climate Justice is a clear message that our Two Kings and the Queen will forcefully reiterate at the end of this play: “We can still achieve it if we stay alert; if our response to the Earth is that, together, we can take care of it! We hope you listen to the message of our young people!”

NYS Assembly Member Emily Gallagher and NYS Senator Julia Salazar came to watch the show (l to r back row center) photo credit: Alex Aldama

Next to me sits a six-year-old girl named Melinda. Do you like it? I asked her “Yes!” she replies, beaming with a beautiful smile. “Everything is very beautiful and special; it is very special because they are the Three Kings!”  Elena, her mother, was part of this same celebration when she was the same age Melinda is now.

El Puente: a vital organ in our community, preserves our traditions honoring the memory of Luis Garden Acosto, co-founder, and his commitment with love, peace and justice with the world, ideals that continue to be the bulwark of this organization.

Author: Alex Aldama

Nací en Barcelona. Vivo en Los Sures/Williamsburg desde hace mas de veinte años. Amo mi barrio, amo mi gente y nuestra cultura tanto como amo la diversidad de esta única y maravillosa ciudad, Nueva York. En la vida hay momentos maravillosos como los hay muy difíciles y, siempre, siempre hay que recibirlos con fuerza y esperanza en el futuro. ¡No estás solo! I was born in Barcelona. I have lived in Los Sures/Williamsburg for over twenty years. I love my neighborhood, I love my people and our culture as much as I love the diversity of this unique and wonderful city, New York. In life there are wonderful moments as there are very difficult ones and, always, always you must receive them with strength and hope for the future. You're not alone!

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